On sale at New York Special Edition. Be there or be square!

The Cycle 1: Pax Romana by joncairns, Jakob Free (me), and emoxic clocks in at 40 pages and will be on sale for 8 USD.

The Cycle 2: This City, This Fire by dio-03 and Jakob Free (still me) has 28 pages (I added a few bonus pages) and will be on sale for 6 USD.

Price for the poster has yet tbd.

And if you can’t make it to Special Edition and want some of the goods, email me at jakobfree at gmail dot com and we can make it happen.

Peace. Love. Respect. Power.


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emoxic's art

Anonymous asked:

would you recommend the cintiq companion?

emxc Answer:

what for? to draw better, no. to be more efficient about getting art done, yes. its a very good tool and it works very very well. from my limited experience with other tablet devices its the best. with the tablet attached to basically a laptop, it offers more freedom then a regular tablet device that may run on iOS or android which are limited to the apps on those systems. the windows8 is forgivable as a touchscreen. if you can spring the cash for it, its worth considering.

tldr: yes yes yes.